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Pick a classification that summarizes the license plate you are reporting. If you don't want to pick, or can't find one that you think is appropriate, the default will be "OTHER".
There is more information on the classifications at the bottom of this page.
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This is where you put in your name or the name you want to use for this website.
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For example: "John44" is allowed, but "John 44" is not.

Some reporter names are protected and require a password. It's not likely that you are going to pick a trusted reporter name, but if you want to see the trusted reporters, their names are here: Trusted Reporters

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  - "I-15 at Poway Road"
  - "20 miles south of Vegas"
  - "at the UTC shopping mall"

Vehicle Make

There are two ways to enter the make of the vehicle:
  1. Select the make from the drop down list in the first field, or
  2. Leave the make as "Other" in the drop down list, and type what you want for the make into the second field.
Vehicle Make Drop-Down List:
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Vehicle Model

If you used the drop-down box for the vehicle model (above), then you might want to also use the model drop-down box below because it will have populated with models applicable to the make you selected.

Or, leave the drop down box as "Other" and type what you want about the vehicle model.

Vehicle Model Drop-Down List
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More Vehicle Description

Number of doors on the vehicle
Vehicle colors
More vehicle description and/or notes

Your Report about this license plate

This is your report about the license plate you are submitting. This is where you tell the world why you are reporting this plate. Other than the license plate itself, this is the most important part of your submission.


Submit a Photo of the Plate or Vehicle

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You cannot make any corrections to your submission once you've clicked the "Submit" button below. If you find errors or omissions after submitting your data, you can make another entry for the same license plate. If you are a trusted reporter, you know how to contact us directly to have your submission corrected or removed.

We reserve the right to edit or delete any information or file you submit if we judge it inappropriate or not in keeping with the purpose of this site.
Please use this input form the way it is meant to be used. Please don't use it as a way to promote your products or sites via hyperlinks or the insertion of HTML code. This will result in your submission being rejected immediately or at a later date. Thanks.


Please only click "Submit" once. If you are uploading photos, it can take several minutes for the system to upload them. Click once and be patient.

Thanks !!


Valid License Plate Characters

Only certain characters can be entered into the license plate field. These are the letters A-Z, numbers, and the following special characters:

"%" for the heart symbol
"&" for the hand symbol
"+" for the plus symbol
"*" for the star symbol
"-" for a dash
"#" for any other special character

The system is set up to help you by preventing you from typing in characters and symbols that will be rejected.


The classifications are listed alphabetically in the drop-down box shown above. We add new classifications from time to time. There are all kinds of classifications, but here are some we want to be sure you are aware of:
  • GO TO JAIL - for drivers who behave so badly we should send them to jail
  • DANGEROUS - dangerous drivers
  • IDIOT - drivers who are idiots
  • RUDE - rude drivers
  • PUSHING IT - drivers pushing it a little too much
  • IMPATIENT - impatient drivers
  • CLUELESS - clueless drivers
  • SUSPICIOUS - suspcious drivers, or suspicious vehicles
  • BAD DRIVER - bad drivers
  • ACCIDENT - vehicles that have been in an accident
  • PULLED OVER - pulled over by law enforcement
  • ILLEGAL - illegal activity by vehicles/drivers
  • 911 - emergency situations such as accidents or people needing medical help, etc
  • POLICE - police activity
  • TICKET - drivers or vehicles being ticketed

  • OTHER - this is the default classification

         More info on vehicle/driver classifications

         More info on reporters and trusted reporters

         List of trusted reporters