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4ZZR071   CA      Class: IDIOT       by: tag160
7/7/2015      rec num: 5114

  Vehicle:  Mercedes     Sedan    
  Report:  Female driver with long hair swerved into my lane. I had to slam on my brakes and swerve to not hit her. Luckily the driver behind me was alert and did not rear end me.
SH 1306   New York      Class: ANGRY       by: Corollapat
7/10/15      rec num: 5115

  Vehicle:  Kia     sedan     Has OBX sticker.
  Report:  The driver tried cutting ahead of the traffic entering the Turnpike in the acceleration lane. After almost rear ending me the driver raced ahead then veered into my lane ahead of me and slammed on the brakes repeatedly almost causing me to rear end them at Highway speeds.
476-548   Quebec       Class: BAD DRIVER       by: Dereck
July 12, 2015      rec num: 5116

  Vehicle:  Harley-Davidson         Chopper
  Report:  Dangerous driving.
565-VRP   Wisconsin      Class: OTHER      by: James
      rec num: 5117

  Vehicle:  BMW     Black    
  Report:  This vehicle follows drivers around for long periods of time
bye043   woodbury      Class: MEDICAL       by: dave
      rec num: 5118

GLK 168   South Carolina      Class: CRAZY DRIVER       by: johnny
      rec num: 5120

  Vehicle:  Toyota        
grm-1456   ny      Class: OTHER      by: chrisliano
      rec num: 5121

JTE-4115   pennsylvania      Class: CRAZY       by: Karla
      rec num: 5122

YZZ 2400   Virginia       Class: OTHER      by: Emart56
      rec num: 5123

525 PAC   Minnesota      Class: 911       by: CitizenX
9/28/2015      rec num: 5125

  Vehicle:  WHITE CONSTRUCTION T     WHITE TRUCK     White Truck with construction equipment in it
  Report:  This guy was going 90MPH on HWY 77, ran me off the shoulder and flipped me off and then after all because i couldn't move fast enough after passing the car ahead of me. After he hard breaked a few times and asked me to pull over I had to call 911. WTF?
291 pzq   Colorado      Class: COOL       by: Jon69
      rec num: 5126

DBF4095   New York      Class: OTHER      by: JSSSS
      rec num: 5143

  Vehicle:  Volvo     1800    
2 b v 3126   Maryland      Class: OTHER      by: harp238
      rec num: 5144

gze1480   New York      Class: SUSPICIOUS       by: karenfield
november16      rec num: 5145

  Vehicle:  Lexus         New condition four door car
  Report:  Shaven arabic males in predominantly jewish neighbourhood riding segway seeming suspicious
DGP556   Ohio      Class: OTHER       by: Mickaela
11-26-15      rec num: 5146

  Report:  Driver had gun in possession.
301 kRS   WA      Class: OTHER       by: Face44
November 2, 2015      rec num: 5147

  Vehicle:  Lincoln     LS    
  Report:  abandoned on my property one morning
Gkm3774   Ohio      Class: GUNS       by: Johnson5
12/06/2015      rec num: 5154

  Vehicle:  Chevrolet     Malibu    
  Report:  Black male seen putting a title n hand gun in car. Also shooting handgun in air before puttin both guns n trunk
7N28266   CA      Class: BAD DRIVER       by: tag160
12-11-2015      rec num: 5155

  Vehicle:  Chevrolet     Pickup Truck    
  Report:  This was a dangerous driver, rapidly changing lanes and almost clipping the vehicles in front of him/her as he/she changed lanes.
Kls 575   Texas      Class: OTHER      by: Jjk
      rec num: 5156

BBJ 8030   Michigan      Class: DANGEROUS       by: Ruthelaine
December 24, 2015      rec num: 5157

  Vehicle:  Kia     Rio    
  Report:  Driver must be under the influence of something.
323MZI   Florida      Class: OTHER      by: Vistana55
      rec num: 5159

  Vehicle:  Cadillac     SRX    
7BMG738   CA      Class: BAD DRIVER       by: tag160
1/25/2016      rec num: 5160

  Vehicle:  Toyota     Corolla ??    
  Report:  Old Toyota sedan, maybe a Corolla, with a male driver that was tailgating and awkwardly switching lanes, like he was in a hurry and did not know how to drive.
ND334743   KZN      Class: GOOD       by: Elize40
31/01/2016      rec num: 5161

  Vehicle:  Chevrolet     Spark    
077mmv   mn      Class: OTHER      by: shiek1
      rec num: 5162

727bht   oklahoma      Class: OTHER      by: michaelbyrd
2/28/2016      rec num: 5163

  Vehicle:  dodge     neon    
  Report:  lookimg for current owner
Gkm3780   New york      Class: DITCHER       by: RushGirl2112
3/13/16      rec num: 5164

  Vehicle:  Toyota     SR5     Two flat tires on left, open newspaper on right passenger seat
  Report:  This car sat in front of my home for a month. It got ticketed, moved for a week, came back and now sat there for two more months. Can't find the driver, city will not remove it because it has plates!
BLKMAZI   CA      Class: BEAUTIFUL       by: tag160
3/30/2016      rec num: 5165

  Vehicle:  Mazerati     Sports Car    
  Report:  I saw this beautiful Maserati several times traveling south on the I-5 for 10+ miles, through Irvine, etc., and then happened to see it again east bound on Alicia Parkway in Mission Viejo, CA. Nice ride !!
GPD 3531   TEXAS      Class: BAD DRIVER       by: URSEWFAT
04/2/16      rec num: 5166

  Vehicle:  Toyota     Corolla     BM driver
  Report:  passed on left at stopped red light to turn right.
DR LAZOR   CA      Class: HOT       by: tag160
4/18/2016      rec num: 5167

  Vehicle:  Chevrolet     Corvette    
  Report:  About once a month I see a hot blond on the 405 in this nice, yellow and black Corvette with the license plate of Dr Lazor.
661xcx   Colorado      Class: OTHER      by: JohnW
      rec num: 5168

  Vehicle:  Dodge     pickup truck    
  Report:  Drunk Driver.
33c 667   Nevada      Class: 911       by: Jeff
5-2-2016      rec num: 5169

  Vehicle:  Unknown Make     SUV     2014-2016
  Report:  I had an eye witness when somebody stole my bicycle
6KBR746   CA      Class: CRAZY DRIVER       by: tag160
5/31/2016      rec num: 5170

  Vehicle:  BMW     Sedan    
  Report:  This was a crazy driver going much faster than traffic that was flowing normal. He was weaving in and out of all lanes, like a bat out of hell. Traffic was heavy, and this guy was dangerous.
8N90583   CA      Class: PUSHING IT       by: tag160
8/17/2016      rec num: 5171

  Vehicle:  Unknown Make     pickup truck     Full sized pickup with an extended cab.
  Report:  This driver is rude and pushy. He tailgates and ditches between lanes.
2B NT 2B   CA      Class: ABOUT ME       by: Scary
9/16/2016      rec num: 5172

  Vehicle:      Sedan    
  Report:  To Be or Not to Be. That is the question! 2B NT 2B.
7VMF647   CA      Class: DANGEROUS       by: tag160
1/14/2017      rec num: 5181

  Vehicle:  Dodge     Durango    
  Report:  This is a dangerous driver. He/she passes other vehicles on a two-lane road when there is close, on-coming traffic. I saw him/her do it twice, ditching back in at the last second. If you know this person, don't ride with them. Total idiot! Picture of the vehicle is attached.
LAPRNCS   CA      Class: ABOUT ME       by: tag160
3/13/3017      rec num: 5182

  Vehicle:  Honda     Accord     This vehicle has a lot of pink trim.
  Report:  The license plate means LA Princess. The back window says "Sexy Bitch" and there is writing under the girl emblems that says it is powered by "bitch dust". Could not see the driver due to tinted windows.
15418N1   CA      Class: WHEELS       by: Jake223
3/20/2017      rec num: 5183

  Vehicle:  Chevrolet?     El Camino ?    
  Report:  Check the wheels on what I think is a nicely restored El Camino?
013zyc   Washington      Class: FAST DRIVER       by: Jazzytwat
4/8/2017      rec num: 5184

  Vehicle:  Hyundai     Accent     Large black Hyundai on Side of car. HYUNDAI
  Report:  Because they driver way to good. WORD. 04.08.2017
6XCM972   California       Class: ANGRY       by: tag160
4/18/2017      rec num: 5185

  Vehicle:  Mercedes     ML550    
  Report:  Angry white man with a beard who had no patience for people in the fast lane who were already going 80. Had to speed past at 100 and then ditch over to exit lanes to get off the freeway.
1BBAD55   CA      Class: CLASSIC       by: tag160
4/23/2017      rec num: 5186

  Vehicle:  Chevrolet ?     Wagon     Beautiful 1955 wagon. Is this a Chevy?
  Report:  Classic wagon. Beautiful restoration.
168BTHP   CA      Class: GUNS       by: tag160
6/7/2017      rec num: 5187

  Vehicle:  Jeep     Wrangler    
  Report:  168BTHP = 168 grain boat tail hollow point = a great sniper round.
6RVK395   CA      Class: BAD DRIVER       by: tag160
7/14/2017      rec num: 5188

  Vehicle:  Mercury     Sedan, full-sized    
  Report:  This guy has tinted windows and thinks that allows him to cheat on the carpool metering light. He acts likes he's a carpool when he's not so he does not have to an wait 15 extra seconds. No big crime. Just a jerk mentality.
751DVV   Oregon      Class: OTHER      by: Orion
      rec num: 5189

TESTPLATE   California      Class: TEST       by: tag160
2/2/2018      rec num: 5190

  Vehicle:  Test Vehicle Make     Test Vehicle Model     This is a test entry after numerous changes were made to the tag160 website.
  Report:  This is a test entry.