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Trusted Reporters
Other Reporters

tag160's trusted reporters are people who are known personally to the tag160 staff.  These are people we trust and who are known to provide reliable information.

tag160 does not guarantee or validate any of the information submitted to this site, but you can be assured that tag160 believes information from trusted reporters was submitted in good faith, and submitted with every intention of being accurate.

To use the name of a trusted reporter, you are required to use a password.  The passwords are provided to you directly via email or phone.  Contact us directly.  You know how.

If you are interesting in becoming a trusted reporter, please uderstand that we will eventually need to talk to you on the phone and communicate with you via email. 

You may contact tag160 via the contact form.

Here is the current list of trusted reporters.

tag160's other reporters have not been vetted by tag160.  You should know that the information provided by these people is likely to be as accurate as that provided by trusted reporters.  Our experience is that most people try to provide us with correct information.

Please use good judgement when reviewing the information provided by any reporter.

As is stated elsewhere in this site, the information provided by all reporters is subject to review and edit by our staff.  We try to edit out information that is considered inappropriate, or which is not in keeping with the goals and purposes of this site.

When you enter information into the tag160 database (via the license plate submit form), you'll see that you can select any reporter name you want, as long as:
    1) It's not a trusted reporter name.
    2) You use only the characters "a-z" , "A-Z"
         and/or "0-9".
    3) You don't put any blank spaces in the name.
    4) You don't use a name that is considered
         inappropriate by our standards.

Reporter names are not protected (except for trusted reporters).  In other words, somebody else can use your name.  We chose to set up the site this way because we want a very free flow of information, and we don't want people to have to remember a login ID and a password to submit information.  There will be a few people who abuse this policy, but we believe most people are a lot more interested in getting us good information than in abusing the system.