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Text Message License Plate Reports To tag160

here is the number:

Please do not text us photos Text messages that include photos are currently rejected.  If you want to send photos, please use the license plate report form located on this website.  That form allows you to submit up to 4 pictures.

Advantage of texting The advantage of sending your information to tag160 via text message is convenience. When you want to report something, it's easy to text it in and be done with it.

Disadvantage of texting The disadvantage is that reports made via text message are not automatically posted to the tag160 database. Only reports submitted via the license plate report form upload immediately.

Information texted to tag160 is usually posted to the database within 24 hours.

Privacy of your cell phone
When you text us, this means we also receive your cell phone number.  We use part of this number as your reporter name.  But we do not post enough of it on the website for somebody to be able to call you or identify you.  We understand your concerns about this issue.  Please see below for more information.

You must supply a license plate Your text to tag160 must include a license plate number. Also, please try to tell us the State and/or country that issued the plate.  Then give us a short report.

We reserve the right to edit your submission tag160 reserves the right to reject or edit information you submit if it is inappropriate or not in keeping with the purpose of this website.

Do not text and drive No Brainer .... right ??

Privacy of your cell phone number

When you text us, you are also sending us your cell phone number. We know you do not want that number posted on the Internet.

We take part of your cell phone number and make it the reporter name, or the name of the person who made the report. We use the phone's area code and then the prefix to make the name.

If your phone number is (222) 333-4444, then your area code and prefix would be "222333".  That is what we would put for the name of the reporter name.

We think this system provides a good balance of protecting your number, while also retaining the valuable intelligence that can exist by knowing the area code of the phone which made the report.  For example, if the report is short and gives limited information on where the reported incident happened, the phone's area code might provide some clue as to where it happened.  We realize that mobile phones are ... well ... mobile.  So the area code is no guarantee of the phone's location, but it helps.

By including the prefix, we also help distinguish between various reporters.  Granted, there could easily be multiple people reporting with phones from the same area code and prefix, which means they would have the same reporter name.  But ... again ... it helps sort out whether or not the same person is making a series of reports.  It also might help you determine the credibility of a report by looking at all the reports make by a particular reporter name.  You can search for reports by reporter name on the tag160 license plate search page.

If you are a tag160 trusted reporter, and you text us, chances are that we will recognize your cell phone number.  In that case, we would put your protected trusted reporter name on the report, rather than your cell phone's area code and prefix.

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