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Click here for the full list of
vehicle and driver classifications

The default classification is "OTHER."  So this is what will show if you do not make a selection.

Click on the link above to see all the classifications, but we want to be sure you are aware of these, and what they are for:

GO TO JAIL - for drivers who behave so badly we should send them to jail.
DANGEROUS - dangerous drivers
IDIOT - drivers who are idiots
RUDE - rude drivers
PUSHING IT - drivers pushing it a little too much
IMPATIENT - impatient drivers
CLUELESS - clueless drivers
SUSPICIOUS - suspcious drivers, or suspicious vehicles
ACCIDENT - vehicles that have been in an accident
PULLED OVER - pulled over by law enforcement
ILLEGAL - illegal activity by vehicles/drivers
911 - emergency situations such as accidents or people needing medical help, etc.
POLICE - police activity
TICKET - drivers or vehicles being ticketed

OTHER  - this is the default classification.  Use it if nothing else fits.

Here are some of the other classifications where some explanation might be helpful:

ABOUT ME - license plates that tell us something about the driver such as their occupation, likes, etc.

BROKEN - for broken or damaged vehicles

DEVIL-ANGEL - here's an example

DREAM ON - kind of like the "WANNA BE" category below

- includes firemen/women

HELP US - please help us identify these vehicles

HEY YOU - as in calling out to somebody

LIFTED - as in ground clearance

- this vehicle needs work or repair

- as in a nice or cool car

- religious - Not Of This World

OOPS - this is where you messed up and cut somebody off or did something wrong to another driver.  You put in their plate and apologize to them.

OTHER - default category if you don't select any other

OVER LOAD - carrying too much stuff on top of the car or in the truck's bed, etc.

PACK RAT - too much stuff packet in the vehicle like those people who live out of their cars

PLANET EARTH - save the planet ... environment

RACK - big racks on top of vehicles

REMEMBER - remember our dead

ROAD SCENES - pretty scenery or other interesting things you see on the road.  We might not include it unless you include a relevant license plate

WANNA BE - kind of like the "DREAM ON" category above

Contact us if there is a classification you think we should add. We usually won't add one until there are multiple vehicles that fit this class.