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SoCal Nexus knows that the right picture in the right place can set the mood, inspire creativity and promote action. When necessary, the right photo cuts through all the verbiage to make your position clear and undeniable.

SoCal Nexus was started in September 2017 by Chris Nelson, a retired FBI Agent.
SoCalNexus Cameras

As you will see in the photo galleries below, SoCal Nexus' photography skills are more focused on dynamic situations that are not under the control of the photographer. This is the type of photography required of Chris Nelson, during years of surveillance he performed while he was an FBI Agent.

Because of Chris Nelson's FBI background, you might want to consider SoCal Nexus for these types of photography situations:
  • Photography of confidential events where the integrity of the photographer is paramount.
  • Photography of events requiring security, where the photographer is coordinating with your security team and documenting the event for both social and security purposes.
  • Photography in remote locations.
  • Photography in locations where the photographer's safety is of concern.

Please take a look at these galleries. All of the pictures were taken by Chris Nelson. If you like the work and think SoCal Nexus can help you with your photography needs, please call or email.

Thank you.

SoCal Nexus Photo Galleries:

Gallery 25 Boarding at The Wedge on 10-24-2017
Gallery 24 After the 2017 Anaheim Hills and Canyon View 2 Fires
Gallery 23 Huntington Beach Airshow 9-30-2017
Gallery 22 Police Helicopters, Boats and Motorcycles
Gallery 21 Great Egrets at the Bolsa Chica Reserve
Gallery 20 Paragliding at Torrey Pines
Gallery 19 SoCal Bicycle Beauties
Gallery 18 Orange County's John Wayne Airport, and San Diego's Lindberg Field Airport
Gallery 17 Airplane crash on the 405 freeway at John Wayne Airport 6/30/2017
Gallery 16 SoCal Jeeps Rock!
Gallery 15 Jet Skis on Mission Bay in San Diego on 6/24/2017.
Gallery 14 Long Beach Airport
Gallery 13 SoCal Birds
Gallery 12 Newport Back Bay, Newport Beach, CA.
Gallery 11 Off roading in Southern California's Stoddard Wells and Johnson Valley ORV areas.
Gallery 10 Heavy Equipment
Gallery 9 Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles
Gallery 8 Twins
Gallery 7 Pelicans, water rocks, sailor jellyfish, B-24 Liberator, B-25 Mitchell at Strand Beach in Dana Point, CA on 5/13/2017.
Gallery 6 Martian Baby, spider, landings at LGB, watch dog, things people drive.
Gallery 5 Body Boarding at The Wedge on 4-29-2017
Gallery 4 Motorcycles on Ortega Highway on 4-23-2017
Gallery 3 Aircraft landing at John Wayne Airport on 4/22/2017
Gallery 2 Sunset Surfers, UPS Mothership, caterpillar-to-butterfly, cactus bug.
Gallery 1 Green gecko, bees, car fire, whale, starfish girl, Harrier, Puerto Rican iguana, sunsets.

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